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Comprehensive Eye Exams


Emergency Eye Care

Gretna Vision Source provides comprehensive routine and medical eye exams while monitoring the overall health of the eye. Dr. Cheryl Chapman and Dr. Sara Petska are able to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or any number of retinal issues. Our doctors work with specialists in the Omaha and Lincoln area to provide complete care when it comes to the health of our patients’ eyes.


Our office also provides same-day emergency eye care services for pink eye, foreign bodies, or red, irritated eyes. 


White Branch

Steven B.

3 months ago-

We recently moved to Gretna and needed a eye doctor. We located Gretna Vision Source for the entire family. Their staff is awesome. They are super friendly and supportive. The store is clean and organized. They are great with all the questions I ask. I would highly recommend them for any care needed. They are everything we were looking for. Thank you.

White Branch

Tim K.

3 months ago-

Experience was fantastic, I had a wood shaving in my eye that had scratched my cornea. Not only did they find this small particle quickly but they removed it and provided me with wetting solution that felt amazing immediately! Thank you sooo much!!

White Branch

Albert C.

The office squeezed me in as an emergency on a Friday afternoon. Saved me suffering over the weekend and possible further complications if left untreated. Thanks Doc P and staff😊

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