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Orthokeratology,or Ortho-K for short, is a non-surgical alternative to LASIK. Ortho-K contact lenses are specially designed to gently reshape the curvature of the eye while sleeping at night, creating clearer vision during the day and eliminating the need for daytime glasses or contact lenses.  This is a safe, effective, and FDA-approved treatment for nearsightedness or myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (blurred near vision). 

Dr. Cheryl Chapman is the leading orthokeratologist in the Midwest. She is a fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. Also, Dr. Chapman serves on the board of directors for AAOMC.

Risk factors for myopia onset and progression include:

  • AGE OF ONSET: 9 or younger

  • FAMILY HISTORY: parents, grandparents or siblings

  • RATE OF PROGRESSION: -1.00 Diopter or more per year

  • ETHNICITY: Asian heritage

  • NEAR WORK: 2 hours or more per day 

  • TIME SPENT OUTDOORS: 2 hours or less per day

Dr. Cheryl Chapman's Myopia Management Blog

Want more information on what Myopia Management is and why it is important for your child's eye health? Check out the links below to read Dr. Chapman's blogs on Myopia Management and what Gretna Vision Source can do for your child.

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Additional Videos

Paragon Vision Sciences provides great resources regarding Orthokeratology


White Branch

Terry L.

I've gone to Gretna Vision since Dr. Chapman came. She is wonderful. Always has the best equipment to test my eyes, the staff is kind and caring. They are great at their work, and love it!

White Branch

Sarah G.

Gretna vision source is the perfect place for yours and your family's eye needs. Technology and world class expertise of staff on all levels blends effortlessly with whimsical collaborative interaction and personal care. This is a place for parents, for children, for young professionals for next chapterers. They have an incredibly unique atmosphere where truly cutting edge technology meets creativity and caring. They even keep snack and beverage service stalked with a variety of food needs which comes in so handy. I'm so grateful

White Branch

Meri W.

Dr. Chapman and the Gretna Vision Source team are always professional and caring. Dr. Chapman stays up-to-date on the most current technologies and treatment options. Dr. Chapman explains everything clearly, so I can make the best informed decisions for my health and the health of my family. I highly recommend Gretna Vision Source.

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